Recursive Promise Chaining

One of the problems I commonly have to deal with is asynchronous pagination. Sometimes a service only returns me a page of results at a time, but the rest of my application Doesn’t Care(tm). All I want are the results.

Multiline Ellipses

It’s been a long struggle for the designers where I work. Every time there is a long block of text, the struggle is to balance the amount you display versus the amount of screen real estate you’re willing to give up. Often their designs will call for the text to be truncated to fill a certain number of lines. If you’ve ever tried to do this in CSS you’ll know that you can’t.

I’ve had it with all these smiths

So apparently abandoning open source projects is a favorite pasttime of the coding community. Which is why some months after adopting Wintersmith, the spiritual successor to Blacksmith, it was evident that the outstanding issues with the project were not going to be responded to, much less resolved.

Foray into asm.js

The state of asm.js is that it’s only a research topic for now. The only runtime supporting asm.js is the latest SpiderMonkey, currently only available in Firefox Nightly. But the gain is the ability to run code at nearly native speeds: usually within 100% of natively compiled C.

For the new, I wanted to keep things simple, yet still demonstrate the maximum power enabled by web technologies. The old site was a mishmash of my hand-coded PHP and a customized WordPress blog. Not really pretty. Since we’re in the age of HTML5, I decided to fully revamp not just the code behind it, but the entire workflow.